We are the united voice of the finishing trades.

We leverage the collective strengths of our contractors to advocate, negotiate, educate and connect. Because we’re a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes, we are a leader in creating a healthier and more successful industry. Together, we build Northern California. 

People drive over the bridges we paint, you look out the windows we install, you are surrounded by our work every day. 

Together, we’re stronger. 


Meet the people behind the Association. We are passionate about serving our contractors to help your businesses thrive.

Board of Directors

Jordan Satrap


Mark Dutrow

Vice President

Dennis Thompson


John Maggiore


Chris Bagatelos


Sal Madrigal


Jeannie Simpelo



Jeannie Simpelo

Chief Executive Officer

Brooke Fishel

Director of Labor Relations and Communications

Mary Loumeau

Director of Marketing and Events

Ardis Graham

Strategic Partnerships Consultant

Eddie Bernacchi

Legislative Consultant

Bret Barrow

Legislative Consultant

Chris Lee

Safety Consultant

Robin Hammond

HR Consultant