NCAT Trust Fund Series: Behind the Scenes with the Trust Funds’ Legal Counsel (Saltzman & Johnson)


Trust Fund Series


What happens if you can’t pay your contributions? What do you do if you need a “current status” letter or a release for one of your projects? This session will go behind the scenes with the Trust Funds’ Legal Counsel and will answer these questions and more! The session will explain the Trust Funds’ delinquency process, including available options if you are referred to legal counsel. We will also explain the Trust Funds’ Mistaken Contribution Policy, which governs the return of any overpaid contributions, and provide guidance on how to avoid common errors.

Why should you attend?


  • To learn all about the Trust Funds’ status letter and release procedures and how to obtain proof of your account status;
  • To understand how the Trust Funds address overpayments, including overreported contributions found as a result of a payroll inspection;
  • To understand your options if you are unable to pay your contributions;
  • To learn about how you can assist Legal Counsel in collecting the amounts that you owe in order to minimize attorneys fees and costs;
  • And did we mention lunch is on us? After attending this session eligible NCGMA and NCPFC contractors will receive a Door Dash gift card!

Who should attend?


  • Anyone who regularly need status letters and/or conditional/unconditional waivers and releases from the Trust Funds;
  • Those who want to understand the Trust Funds’ process for handling overpayments;
  • Anyone who has had delayed or missed payments from general contractors impact their contribution payments;
  • Anyone who has or will have difficulty making payments in the post-pandemic economy

Presented by Matthew Minser, Saltzman & Johnson Law Corporation


For more information, contact Lauren Call at or by calling 510-428-9486.